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CARO MOSES is an editor, journalist and publisher with particular expertise in the cultural industries, and a director of the 3CM UnLimited Group and its publishing, education and consulting businesses

She has worked in the arts, media and content industries ever since her student days in Edinburgh. There she was part of the team that launched ThreeWeeks at the Edinburgh Festival in 1996.

Caro then helped develop and expand ThreeWeeks and its acclaimed media skills programme, making it a key media at Edinburgh’s festivals and providing training to hundreds of young journalists. Over the years she has interviewed countless Festival performers and edited thousands of reviews, making her a leading expert on the Edinburgh Fringe.

While first developing ThreeWeeks, Caro also worked in the theatre herself, writing and performing in the acclaimed one woman play ‘Fat Girl’, and producing and directing a number of new plays at Edinburgh’s Fringe and in London’s West End. Then in 2002 she co-launched the UnLimited Group, bringing CMU, ThreeWeeks and the UnLimited consultancy all under one roof.

Today she heads up both ThreeWeeks Edinburgh and it’s newer sister title ThisWeek London, while also providing editorial services via UnLimited I&C, in particular to the Taylor Bennett Foundation.

Caro also works as a book editor, and regularly writes about a variety of topics, for UnLimited’s media and beyond.